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Orthodontic treatments are usually performed when the position of teeth is not optimal, either to correct purely esthetic problems or also to correct problems related to malocclusion which can cause pain and different subsequent problems as well. Sometimes, orthodontics cannot correct everything and the dental treatments proposed to patients can also include an orthognathic surgery to be able to obtain an acceptable and even optimal occlusion.

In general, orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery) is a surgery performed when the maxilla (upper jaw) and/or the mandible (lower jaw) don't align correctly. During an orthognathic surgery, other facial bones can also be involved, such as the chin bone which can be repositioned or the inferior turbinates of the nose which can be completely removed. Each case is unique, but usually, an orthognathic surgery is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and it is done under general anesthesia in the hospital or in some private clinics.

I had the chance (or the misfortune?) of being part of the human beings for whom orthodontic treatments and orthognathic surgery can improve their quality of life. I had an excellent experience; this is the reason why I want to share it with others.

I hope that this section will be useful to those who are looking for information about orthodontic treatments and/or orthognathic surgery. You can find the following information:

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